New Order

O New Order lança, no próximo dia 22, seu novo álbum, WAITING FOR THE SIRENS' CALL, e como sempre nos presenteia com canções ensolaradas para corações rotos.

No repeat, GUILT IS A USELESS EMOTION, a faixa 9:

Just another day in the week
Waiting for an opportunity to step in front of me
Maybe I'm losing my mind
Searching for another place in another time

Real love can't be bought
It is wild and it can't be cought
Real love can't be sold
It's another color than gold

(I need your love) I just wanna buy it
(I need your love) Will you help me find it
(I want your love) How can you deny it
(I need your love) You've just gotta try it
(I want you now) Something that you gotta know
(I need you now) My love for you I wanna show
(I want your love) I'm telling you that I belong
(I need your love) You and me just can't go wrong

Standing on top of the world
Thinking at the joy you bring when you do that thing to me
You sure know a lot for a girl
You can bring the good times back get me on the track

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